LUCERNA 2 Alchemy Ultrasonic Humidifier


  • Whole Room Humidification
  • 2 Humidification Settings
  • Dual Fan Humidity Distribution
  • 1 Gallon Tank
  • 3-Stage Ambient Illumination
  • Touch Controls
  • Up to 500 Sq. Ft. Coverage
  • 5-Year Warranty

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Experience humidification, illuminated. The Lucerna 2 is an ultrasonic humidifier in the Vornado Alchemy lineup that creates a majestic display of mist and light unlike any other humidifier. At 24 hours of runtime on low and 12 hours on high, the Lucerna 2’s 1-gallon water tank has the endurance to maintain a comfortable environment. The inspiring tank design and ambient light creates an illuminating experience independent from the humidity with 3 brightness settings to elevate any surrounding. Backed by a 5-year warranty to give you comfort and peace of mind. LUCERNA – Humidification doesn’t have to be humble.

Experience humidification, illuminated.

Much like a treasured timepiece, the original Vornado circulators were passed down from generation to generation. With Vornado Alchemy, you will want to do the same.

Lucerna 2 lit up in a dark room

An elegant touch.

Humidification doesn't have to be humble. Lucerna is the perfect piece to inject style, set the mood with ambient light and enhance your harsh, dry air all in one.

Gold Gradient icon that says 3 Light

Let's set the mood.

Lucerna's 3-stage ambient lighting can be a soft or medium glow, or turned off completely. You can choose to have the light on regardless of whether the humidifier is running, creating a relaxing atmosphere.

Gold Gradient icon that says 2 mist

Majestic display of mist.

Choose from 2 levels of humidity to create the most comfortable environment – with or without the light.

Powered by
Gold Gradient icon that says 2 dc
Energy-efficient blowers

Power to spare.

Independent DC motors power two blowers, giving you two humidification settings. The cool ultrasonic mist propels upwards through the center chimney, creating another level to the ambiance of the light through the mesmerizing tank design.

Gold Whole Room Icon

Whole room humidification. Boost humidity throughout the room with dual fan humidification. Choose between high or low humidification.

Gold fan Dual Fan Icon

Up to 500 sq. ft. coverage. From spacious living rooms to cozy offices, Lucerna is perfect for providing optimal humidity to your spaces.

Gold Hourglass Time Icon

Up to 24 hour run time on 1 fill. A 1 gallon water reservoir provides continuous humidification for up to 24 hours on low or 12 hours on high.

Gold Gradient icon that says 1.0 gal
Tank Capacity

More than just a tank.

A meticulously designed and elegantly sculpted work of art not only gives you a visually stunning look and light effect, but it also holds 1 gallon of water, giving you up to 24 hours of continuous comfort on low.

Description Hero Image

Top view of Lucerna 2 owners guide on a table next to lucerna 2. There is overlayed text to the left that says lucerna (latin) Noune - Lucerna (genitive lucernae) a lamp, an oil lamp. Oring & history from - luceo ("shine, be a light").

The legacy continues.

Much like a treasured timepiece, the original Vornado circulators were passed down from generation to generation. With Vornado Alchemy, you will want to do the same.

Gold Gradient icon that says 5 year

Satisfaction guaranteed.

This Vornado product has a guarantee that gives you peace of mind for 5 years — the not-so-standard, standard.

Lucerna 5 Year banner

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Warranty 5 year
Number of Speed Settings 2
Capacity 1
High Speed Gallons Per Day 2
Item Weight 3.06 lbs.
Item Height 15.25 in.
Item Depth 7.3 in.
Item Width 7.3 in.
Watts 24
Hertz 60 HZ
Volts 24
PowerCord Length 6 ft.
PowerCord Plug Type AC ADAPTOR