UH100 Ultrasonic Humidifier


  • Vortex Assisted Humidity Output
  • Whole Room Humidification – Up To 600 sq ft
  • Intelligently Regulates Humidity Output
  • Mineral Cartridge Included
  • Ultrasonic Technology Creates A Soothing Mist
  • High Capacity 1 Gallon Tank
  • Push Button Controls

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The Vornado UH100 Ultrasonic Humidifier gives you comfort you can see and feel. Powerful whole room circulation evenly distributes humidity throughout the whole room (up to 600 sq. ft.) without pooling water on the floor. The built-in humidistat allows you to set your comfort level while the UH100 automatically maintains it. With the SimpleTank™ System we made carrying, filling and cleaning the tank, well, simple — 1-gallon capacity and 2-gallon output every 24 hours. Easy-to-use push button controls, 3 fan settings (High, Low and Auto), simplistic design and the peace of mind of a 5-year satisfaction guarantee make the UH100 anything but ordinary.

Graphic showing Vornado Whole room humidification with green arrows showing the humidification in a room.

Humidify the whole room.

A Vornado humidifier uses special airflow called Vortex Action to humidify all the air in the room. The powerful air stream carries perfectly humidified air up and into your space, distributing humidity throughout. Both our evaporative and ultrasonic humidifiers provide perfect, natural comfort.

Close up shot of UH100 Humidifier's Control panel. There are several push buttons including the power button, a fan button with HI, LO and Auto options, and a Humidity button the options 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, and a loop. There are blue light up buttons for each section to indicate what choice is being used.

Control the comfort in your home.

Fan-assisted ultrasonic humidification provides a comforting mist to humidify your room, and with multiple humidity settings the UH100 allows you to personalize your experience.

ev100 evaporative humidifier tank with water being poured into it

A clearly better tank.

Introducing the SimpleTank™ System. Using a humidifier should be easy, so we made carrying, filling and cleaning the tank, well, simple.

Trio of icons for Ultrasonic Intelligent Humidifier. The icon on the left shows the fan with a teal vortex and curling arrow with the text: Precise Humidity. The middle icon is a a black fan blade with the text: The right airflow. The icon on the right is a white water droplet with a teal outline. Behind it it a plus and a minus sign with circulating arrows. Below the icon is the text: Balanced Environment

Intelligently consistent comfort.

The Vornado senses how much humidity and circulation is needed to maintain your ideal environment and makes adjustments automatically.

A red warranty icon that says 5 Year Satisfaction Guarantee

Satisfaction guaranteed.

This Vornado product includes a 5-year satisfaction guarantee. We proudly stand behind our products against material and workmanship defects. If any such defect is discovered within 5 years of the purchase date, Vornado will replace the product to the original owner at no cost.

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Warranty 5 year
Capacity 1.0
High Speed Gallons Per Day 2.0
Item Weight 5.70 lbs.
Item Height 14.50 in.
Item Depth 7.28 in.
Item Width 12.58 in.
Watts 26W
Hertz 60 HZ
Volts 120
PowerCord Length 6 ft.
PowerCord Plug Type 2-Pin Polarized

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