MD1-0031 Activated Carbon Filter (2-Pack) Subscription

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  • Contains two (2) activated carbon filters
  • Fits Vornadobaby Purio
  • Traps odors and other organic compounds
  • Replace every 4-6 months, depending on use

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This Activated Carbon Filter (2-Pack) is designed for use in Vornadobaby Purio. Replace your carbon pre-filter every 4-6 months with continuous use, depending on your environment. This activated coconut carbon pre-filter traps odors and other organic compounds. It also extends the life of the HEPA filter by trapping larger particles. Maintain the health and comfort of you and your family. Contains 2 filters.

Vornado’s Automatic Filter Refill Program offer a convenient way to receive regular shipments of Vornadobaby filters. Eliminate the hassle of remembering to reorder. Maintain the high efficiency of your air purifier by never running out of new filters. Receive FREE SHIPPING on all refill orders when you set up a product subscription. Click the “Set up Subscription” button above to set a customized schedule to receive your filters – conveniently billed automatically. This Activated Carbon Filter (2-Pack), part number MD1-0031, works with model Vornadobaby Purio.

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